Amanda Davis Bio

Our Pastor and Staff 

Amanda Davis Senior Pastor

Who I Am?                               Pastor Mandy                            

My name is Amanda Davis, but according to Micah and everyone else my name is Mandy Davis. I was born in Michigan but raised in the South most of my life. I was a Preachers kid. I traveled to different churches with my parents until I graduated high school. I have two handsome and energetic boys Seth and Isaiah whom I love so much. They keep me busy and entertained. I love to watch movies, play games, shop and just spending time with my family.

My Journey When Micah and I got married in 2000 I thought I would be just a regular church member. I never thought I would be a pastor’s wife. We started out as youth pastors at a church we were attending. Then we became associate pastors not knowing that this was God preparing us for the road ahead. Through all of this I learned to never say “never”, and to never put limits on what God has in store for me.

What I Do

I teach children’s church. We are teaching our children how to become spiritual adults. How to read the word and apply it to their everyday lives. I also sing and help out on the praise team.