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Elder Vicky DavisWHO AM I?

My name is Vicky Davis.  I am married to George Davis.  We are the parents of Branda Davis Jinks and (Pastor) Micah  Davis.  I am Nana to Siarha, Desiree’, Seth & Isaiah.   I really enjoy being with my family – especially the grandkids who claim to be “the Golden Children.”   In our family, all the kids (that would be: my grown kids, their spouses & my grandkids) compete – in fun of course – to be “the Golden Child.”  Of course in mine & George’s  hearts  – they are all “Golden.”  If you were to ask me do I have any hobbies – I would say that I like to decorate.  I like doing & seeing the “before & after” of a decorating project.  I like to grow flowers, watch NFL Football with my husband, and read books – especially those books by Christian authors who I consider to be great mentors.  I am also a WWP which means I am a pray-er with Billye Brim & the World Wide Pray-ers.  This I have done since October 2009.


I come from a family that has a long line of Ministers of the Gospel on both sides of my family with my dad’s family ministers dating back to the 1700’s.  My journey with Jesus began when I was 19 years old.  From that day, I began a journey over the years of studying God’s Word and developing my relationship and fellowship with Him.  At the beginning of this journey I had no idea where God was taking me, but now I realize that He was preparing me for what I do now in ministry.  When I look back at this journey, I can gladly say God is faithful.  And I look forward to the remainder of my journey that is ahead of me as I fulfill the assignments He has given me & finish the race He set before me. 


I am an Elder, a Minister and Teacher at Restoration Church.  I occasionally teach Wednesday night Bible study at Church.  We have a women’s Bible Study group that is called “Girl Talk” which I teach.  I also take care of the administration duties of our Church.  In our Intercessory Prayer group, I am the prayer leader.